• Garlic Mushrooms Toscana
    7,95 €
    Pan-fried in a garlic white wine and lemon juice
  • King Prawns Rio
    9,95 €
    Sauted King Prawns in a garlic and honey chilly juice, on a toasted bruschetta
  • Pork Ribs San Rocco
    9,95 €
    Oven baked porc ribs in an orange and Grand Marnier
  • Chicken Liver Veronique
    7,95 €
    Pan fried with onions, white wine and topped with fresh grapes, served on a garlic crouton (When available)
  • King Prawn Salad
    9,95 €
    Fresh King prawns topped with a Mary Rose sauce on a bed of mixed leaf salad
  • Mixed Salad De La Casa
    8,95 €
    Mixed Salad
  • Garlic Bread and Tomato Focaccia
    9,95 €
    Bread with garlic, tomato and spicy chili (focaccia)
  • Garlic Bread with Mozzarella Cheese
    6,95 €
    Bread with garlic and Mozzarella (focaccia)
  • Basket of bread with Ali Oli Mayonnaise
    1,80 €
    Bread basket with Aliolí mayonnaise
  • Bruschetta Napolitana
    6,95 €
    Toast ciabatta bread topped with chopped tomato, red onions and fresh basil dressin